Metal Structure Building

A metallic structure is primarily a crystalline structure consisting of closely packed atoms arranged in an orderly fashion. From: Engineering Textiles, 2009.

Some notes when calculating steel structure

When calculating the cross section for steel structure, businesses should calculate the steel for all combination cases according to the internal force or the considered load. From there, the required amount of steel for construction should be proposed.

The steel structure calculation model

The steel structure calculation model is a model which is mainly applied to calculate and accurately show the working state of the steel structure. According to the current trend, this model must ensure the following requirements: working conditions, bearing capacity, and safe working conditions. In addition, the model needs to be built to facilitate the design.

Principle of leading steel structure calculation 

Firstly, the enterprise must assume the cross-sectional parameters, structural stiffness, and detailed parts based on the calculation model. After that, the business needs to determine the previously assumed cross-section, using the theory of steel structure calculation to check the working between the structure and the detail