Admission going on in Aminship - Land Survey Course!!

If you have knowledge about land, you can save thousands of taka and you can get rid of harassment about land.

Contact for admission:

Education: Minimum JSC or higher degree holders can also participate.

At the end of the course, Aminship Government recognized certificate will be given.

Classes: 3 days per week.

Employees, students, teachers, advocates, and other professions can also participate easily.

′′ Land Survey Training Course ′′ for those interested in learning about Land Measurement and Documents, Maps and Ledgers and Land Law."

At the end of this course, you can be free from any land related problems.

Documents, CS, SA, BS maps are also taught in realistic and hand pen of the Ledgeon.

The measurement of land is taught directly to the field.

Whatever profession you belong to, you must have knowledge about the land of doctors, engineers, teachers, advocates.

Because the price of land is always up. No one will want to buy adulterated land with the money saved forever.

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