Terminal Objectives: At the end of the course, the trainee will be equipped with enhance skills & knowledge for career in Trade - Cookery.

Enabling Objectives: The trainee will be able to: 

  • Prepare basic dishes that feature in many cuisines throughout the world.
  • Achieve the goals of skills or set standards according to the requirements of the hotel and food industry.
  • Maintain Food and Personal Hygiene & Safety in work place.
  • Recognize Biological, Physical, Chemical and allergic contaminants.
  • Analyze dishes, ingredients, hygiene, contaminants, portions, costing, pricing, food cultures etc.
  • Prepare food like: Biryani, Mussaka, Spaghetti bolognaise etc.
  • Prepare bakery food items like: Apple pie, Bun, Pastry cake etc.
  • Present food in artistic and eye catching manner.
  • Demonstrate their acquire knowledge and skills confidently.

Career Prospect: After the completion of the course students deserve to become assistant Chef, Professional Cook etc.